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Technical SEO Audit: The Key To Unlocking A Website's Potential

Here's a guide
By Mohamed Bitar

The average business owner or marketer's attention may be piqued by the phrase "technical SEO audit" alone. The good news is that the term might be precisely what you need if you run across it when looking for methods to improve the performance of your partner's website.

There are thousands of websites in every business sector, and new ones are emerging daily. How can you make your web design stand out with so much competition worldwide? How can you make it your most effective marketing tool?

What is technical SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It can help boost the quantity and quality of search engine visitors to your website — if implemented properly.

Large-scale SEO management experts stay up to speed with Bing, Google, and Yahoo, as well as other top search engines' most recent algorithm adjustments. They ensure the websites they optimize are compatible with these search engines to generate traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Because of the technical aspects of SEO, you are not instantly looking at the website's content. You are looking at the organization, menus, visual appeal, and other website elements.

Do you need an evaluation of your website's technical SEO?

You may have noticed that your website receives few visitors. How do you determine the right time to conduct an SEO audit? The indicators listed below indicate the possibility that you should carefully assess your SEO strategy.

1. Your website does not support mobile devices

Your website must be responsive to mobile devices, meaning its content and structure must be straightforward to read on both desktop and mobile devices. This will provide your audience with a quick and easy browsing experience.

In September 2020, mobile optimization modified Google's default ranking parameters for desktop and mobile searches. Ensure your website complies with all AMP guidelines to avoid Google penalties that will reduce traffic.

2. Your organic traffic has dropped

Organic traffic comes from search engines. It is unpaid and isn’t the result of an advertisement. The volume of organic traffic ought to keep rising over time. Nevertheless, if you're using an excellent service like Google Analytics to track your traffic trends and they're falling instead of rising, there might be a problem.

If the numbers show a dramatic drop in traffic over the past 24 hours, Google or another search engine may have penalized you. Sticking to approved and legal SEO strategies is a good choice. If you try to cheat, Google will usually find out.

Once convinced that you have adhered to correct practices and have kept up with algorithm modifications, take a deeper look at your SEO.

3. You have a low conversion rate

If you have consistent traffic but few site visitors are taking any action, it could be time for an SEO audit. Maybe you're targeting the wrong demographic or using the wrong keywords.

Go over your keywords and the phrases bringing people to your website. If those keywords aren't what your target market would enter into a search engine to find your products or services, it's time to make some changes.

4. Your keywords are not ranking

By using SEMRush and Google Search Console, you can quickly check your keyword rankings. Their results will suffer if their rankings are steadily declining.

Competitors might be creating more pertinent content for the exact same keywords. Although their SEO may be better, their content may be on par with yours in quality. Analyze their strategy and make changes.

Sometimes, the top searches don't include your keywords. Do you know the terminology used most frequently in your field? Do you work with them? It's important to recognize and make use of these terms. If you aim for the top ranks for the best keywords, your audience will discover that you are an authority in your sector. Also, it will enhance traffic and visibility for you.

SEO is complex and constantly evolving

If you're unsure of where to start, a thorough technical audit of your SEO is usually a good starting point. You will have the chance to discover how to increase your online audience and sales and learn more about the areas in which you are falling short.

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